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Which type of safari traveler are you?

Which type of safari traveler are you

For every guest we aim to create the perfect holiday. A private safari that entirely matches your individual needs and wishes. But how well do you know what you are looking for? Are you looking for authentic experiences away from the crowds? Do you like to meet new people and learn about different cultures? Or are you a true safari lover who wants to get lost in the magic of wild Africa?

We drafted five different types of safari travelers. Which one are you?


Up and close to wildlife - Wildlife Enthusiast

1. The Wildlife Enthusiast

As a true wildlife fan you are traveling to Africa for only one reason: seeing wild animals! As many and from as close as possible. Probably you have created a wildlife checklist and you are determined not to return home without having seen the Big 5.

The wide savanna plains of the Serengeti National Park with its wildebeest migration, the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater but also the scenic Tarangire National Park do not miss out in your itinerary. You are the first one up in the morning, ready for an early game drive, and the last one wanting to go back to the lodge. During the game drives you passionately look out for animals and might spot some even before your Tanzanian guide does! You can spend hours and hours near a lonesome elephant or a group of giraffes, just observing the behavior of these animals in their natural environment. Choice of accommodation does not matter much, as long as it is in the middle of the wilderness and you can hear the lions roaring at night!

Inspiration tip: check out our Safari Adventure with a visit to the most stunning wildlife parks of Tanzania!


Meeting new tribes and cultures - Culture Seeker

2. The Culture Seeker

Whilst you definitely enjoy the wildlife encounters during your safari, you are even more interested in the people you meet along the road. The many different tribes, like the colorful Maasai, their fascinating traditions and authentic way of living make your tour even more appealing. You immerse yourself without hesitation in a foreign culture and really try to connect with the local people. You don’t fear to go local, taste national food in a small restaurant or visit people at their homes.

Accommodation is preferably in authentic lodges, run by the local community or supporting community projects. Besides sensational game viewing, you like your program to include cultural walks and visits as well, like the Culture Adventure private tour. Also a meeting with the Hadza near Lake Eyasi, one of the last living hunter-gathering tribes in Africa, is definitely on your list!


Climbing the Kilimanjaro - The Adventurer

3. The Adventurer

No mountain too high, no adventure too big. You are not shy of a good physical challenge and during your travels you push your boundaries. Seeing the snow-capped top of Mount Kilimanjaro, you cannot wait to climb and reach its legendary peak.

The climbing adventure will be followed with some more soft adventurous activities. Besides the thrill of a wildlife safari, you will enjoy long hikes in beautiful nature, explore the countryside on a 4WD quad bike or go on a chimp tracking in the remote east of Tanzania. You are likely an organized explorer: you do not want to worry about the logistics but there should be room for spontaneous actions. You can do with little comfort for overnight. Simple guesthouses, camping out in the bush or an adventurous tree house high up in the canopy. The sky is the limit!


Beach relaxation at Zanzibar - Beach Lover

4. The Beach Lover

Nothing can make you more happy than unwinding at a white sandy beach. Lying in a hammock, sipping a cocktail and watching the traditional dhows sailing by. Just soaking up the sun and hearing the wind rustling through the palm trees make you feel at ease and calm. The more exotic and untouched the beach is, the better! Lazy days are followed by more action with snorkeling or even diving at the most beautiful coral reefs.

If it is up to you, your safari experience certainly does not end at Kilimanjaro Airport. You will continue to the tropical Zanzibar or the little known Pemba or Mafia Island for some well-deserved beach relaxation. Choice of accommodation could be an all-inclusive beach resort or perhaps an intimate lodge. As long as your room is right on the beach and you can wake up with the sounds of the waves!


Ultimate luxury in the Serengeti - Luxury Traveler

5. The Luxury Traveler

When you travel, you travel in style. You are definitely in for a holiday to Africa to discover the untamed wilderness. But that does not mean you have to make concessions to comfort and luxury! You like a good glass of wine for your sundowner, appreciate a soft bed with crisp linen and enjoy a nice shower at the end of your safari day. Or a bath with undisturbed views! You value your privacy and like to stay in exclusive retreats, far away from the crowd. Game viewing is great from a private safari vehicle, but for longer distances you prefer the comfort of a small plane. Luxury Fly-in Safaris are definitely your thing!


And now how about you? In which type of traveler do you recognize yourself?
Tell us about yourself and we will inspire you until we have created the journey of your dreams!

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