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Remote working on the beach of Zanzibar in Tanzania

Remote working Bush & Beach in Tanzania

Are you tired of being at home and are the walls closing in on you? Do you long for space and freedom? Sun and nature? Stop dreaming… but book you escape now! Working from home, the new “normal” Since the start of the Corona crisis, many people swapped their office desk for their kitchen or dining table and began working from home. Probably not the most inspiring environment, especially when you are easily distracted by waiting household chores. But working from home is considered to be the new “normal”. And it looks like it will stay that way for a while… So what if we would tell you that you can exchange your home desk for a stunning, peaceful surrounding? Replace the boring white walls for panoramic views of a national park or the Indian Ocean? A remote working location with free and reliable WiFi, enough space for social distancing. And not to forget, plenty of opportunities to spend your free moments in an adventurous, or completely relaxing, way! Rem
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