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5 reasons why you should not cancel your safari

5x Why you should not cancel your safari but postpone

With the outbreak of corona, the world has come to a standstill. What used to seem so obvious and natural before, is now uncertain and ominous. And although traveling is currently not possible, it is imperative that you do not cancel your holiday but reschedule. We will give you five reasons why this is so important! 1. Keep on dreaming Have you been looking forward so long to the safari of a lifetime? We understand that it is a great disappointment not to be able to make that trip as planned. But having to cancel your holiday does not mean you have to cancel your dreams as well. We are not going anywhere, the Kilimanjaro is still there and the animals continue to roam the plains. Just hang in there and keep on dreaming a bit longer. Tanzania will be waiting for you!   2. Help the local communities Airlines don’t fly, hotels are closed and safari guides are sitting at home and wait. The Covid-19 is greatly affecting all jobs that are related to tourism. The staff in the lodg
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