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Spotting elephant from your private safari vehicle in Tarangire National Parkpark

A typical day on safari in Tanzania

In our itineraries we talk about game drives, sundowners and bush TV’s. But what do we actually mean with these safari terms? And what can you expect of a day on safari in Tanzania? Let’s start by saying that every safari is unique and no day is the same. The anticipation, not knowing which animals you may find today, is an essential part of the adventure. In general, however, this what a typical day on a Tanzania safari may look like.  Early start of your safari day Even if you are not a morning person, we can assure you: waking up early has never been so easy! You will rise with the sun around 6.00 am. Most lodges offer a wake-up service, sometimes with tea or coffee. We advise to have an early breakfast before setting off around 7.00 am for your first morning game drive. A game drive is a leisurely drive in the park to look for animals. This can take from an hour or two up till a full day in case you prefer to explore more of the area. Another option is to leave as soon as the first
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