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Which type of safari traveler are you

Which type of safari traveler are you?

For every guest we aim to create the perfect holiday. A private safari that entirely matches your individual needs and wishes. But how well do you know what you are looking for? Are you looking for authentic experiences away from the crowds? Do you like to meet new people and learn about different cultures? Or are you a true safari lover who wants to get lost in the magic of wild Africa? We drafted five different types of safari travelers. Which one are you?   1. The Wildlife Enthusiast As a true wildlife fan you are traveling to Africa for only one reason: seeing wild animals! As many and from as close as possible. Probably you have created a wildlife checklist and you are determined not to return home without having seen the Big 5. The wide savanna plains of the Serengeti National Park with its wildebeest migration, the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater but also the scenic Tarangire National Park do not miss out in your itinerary. You are the first one up in the morning, ready for a
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Yamat overlooking Lake Manyara

The extraordinary life of our Maasai friend Yamath

Those who have traveled with Ajabu Adventures know him without a doubt. His smiling eyes, his friendly face. His brother Lettinga, his loving mother and the rest of his family. Gertjan, owner of Ajabu Adventures, met Yamath when he knocked at the gate, looking for a job opportunity. He gave the Maasai warrior one week trial. Eventually, Yamath stayed for years. Not only he proved himself to be a loyal and hardworking “askari” (guard), he was also very intelligent and eager to learn. In the next three years he learned Swahili, English, got his driving license and successfully completed a wildlife course. Back to his roots But no matter where or how far you’re traveling, you can never forget your roots. And so couldn’t Yamath. Despite of his newly acquired skills and the bright future ahead, Yamath decided to return to his family, living in a small Maasai “boma” (village) not far from Mto wa Mbu. However, the close bond with Gertjan and Ajabu Adventures remained a
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