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Meet Mama Yamat in Maasai boma, Tanzania

Meet Mama Yamath – a visit to a traditional Maasai family

From the moment you set foot in Tanzania, you will notice them. They are just as much part of the landscape as the iconic acacia trees. As the Kilimanjaro against the horizon, and the wildlife on the plains. With their bright red ‘shukas’ (clothes) wrapped around their bodies, the colorful jewelry and their feet put in sandals made from old tires, they just can not be missed. Ancient tribe The Maasai are one of the most famous and fascinating tribes in Africa. Spread across Kenya and Tanzania, they are semi-nomadic and live by herding cattle and goats. In fact, the wealth and status of a Maasai man largely depends on the size of his herd. Loss of land, modernization and climate change have not made life easy for the Maasai. But despite of the continuing challenges, they still carry on their age-old customs and traditions. With grace and dignity. When going on safari with Ajabu Adventures, we invite you to visit a local Maasai family. Not one of the big manyattas along the r
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