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Family of giraffes in Ngorongoro Conservation Area Tanzania

5 Reasons why you should go on a Tanzania safari now

Who would not want to keep that wonderful holiday feeling forever? The sense of freedom. And finally, after months of so many restrictions, to discover new places and soak up other cultures? As the summer holidays slowly fade into memories, you will probably soon fall back into the daily routine and hectic of everyday life. But what if we invite you to start dreaming about a new holiday? To start planning again. And continue experiencing the anticipation and excitement for a trip that you will make in just a few months from now? Because we are going to give you 5 irresistible reasons why you should go on a private safari to Tanzania before the end of this year! Reason 1. You will meet hardly any other tourists – yet more wildlife! Compared to ‘normal’ years, still very few tourists travel to Tanzania. This means that you will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of the destination in a private way. With a privileged feeling of exclusivity you will make your way through the sav
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Sunset over the plains in Tanzania

Safari and Corona – book and travel with confidence

In these insecure times, the feeling of safety and certainty is more important than ever. Your well-being is our priority and we want to ensure you will have a safe and carefree stay in Tanzania. Therefore we are giving you an update about what is happening on the ground and which preventive measures have been taken. So you know exactly what you can expect before traveling to Tanzania, during your safari and at your accommodation.   Current situation in Tanzania Tanzania has been calm and quiet. Life continues as usual and is taking place mostly outdoors thanks to the favorable climate. Preventive measures are taken throughout the country and at all public areas you will find hand washing stations. Apart from that, there is little to notice. Even though still little numbers of infections have been released lately, based on what we hear and see the situation is stable and secure. Thanks to the new president there is also more transparency, increased access to tests facilities and a
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