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Nyaruswiga Lodge from One Nature in Serengeti Tanzania

How much does a Tanzania safari cost?

To get straight to the point: a trip to Tanzania is not cheap. Something you most likely do not want to hear right now. And perhaps not even expected. To be honest with you, a private safari is one of the most extraordinary yet expensive experiences. So what makes a safari trip so costly? And what price can you expect for your own holiday? We will explain it to you and share some valuable tips to make your safari to Tanzania more budget-friendly! Tanzania safari prices explained Choosing Tanzania as your next holiday destination is saying yes to a once in a lifetime experience. But it also comes at a price. Because transparency is important to us, we want to create a better understanding of what makes a Tanzania safari so costly. 1. Maintenance of the safari vehicles The safari cars are an essential part of your trip, as you will spend a large part of your journey in them. They should not only take you safely from one park to another, but also be comfortable and allow you to enjoy the
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