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Mount Meru Tanzania – private mountain expedition

At 4,566 meters high, Mount Meru ranks as Tanzania’s second highest mountain and one of Africa´s most beautiful volcanoes. Apart from a few puffs of steam, today’s Mount Meru is a dormant volcano with an impressive and unique scenery for both nature lovers and mountain climbers. Join us on a fantastic private expedition offering great challenges and stunning vistas.

Large wildlife

Mount Meru dominates the horizon of Arusha National Park. Its fertile slopes rise above the surrounding savanna and support a forest of diverse wildlife including buffaloes, giraffes, baboons, warthogs, black-and-white colobus monkeys and more than 400 bird species. Since the lower slopes are more densely populated with wildlife, climbers are accompanied on the hike by a park ranger.

From forest to alpine desert

As the vegetation changes from dense rainforest into heather and moorland and finally alpine desert, the frequency of animals you will see becomes scarcer. Shift your focus from animals to landscape and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Black and white Colobus Monkey in forests Mount Meru

Momella route

The Momella route is the only way to the top. The ascent of Meru’s lower slopes is direct and the summit is reached by walking along a very narrow, barren ridge, offering views of Ash Cone thousands of feet below in the crater. The climb to the summit does not require to be an athlete or an alpinist but you should be in relatively good shape.

Spectacular views

From the peak of the mountain you have an amazing view on the Momella Lakes, Mount Kilimanjaro and the beautiful distant plains. Mount Meru has the advantage that it is less visited as Kilimanjaro. It is a fantastic trek offering challenges and stunning vistas in a compact time frame that is achievable for most. Reaching the summit is an experience you will never forget.

Combine your climb to the top of the Mount Meru with a private safari to the famous wildlife parks in Tanzania. Then continue to the tropical island of Zanzibar or the Swahili Coast for a well deserved break on the beautiful white sand beaches!