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Wildebeest herds fill the Serengeti plains

What you need to know about the Great Migration

Have you always dreamed about witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration in Africa? Without a doubt, Serengeti National Park is the best place to experience the Great Trek. It is one of the most impressive natural events in the world. Thousands and thousands of animals fill the plains and travel side by side in a never-ending circuit. From the south of the Serengeti they follow the rains in search of seasonal pasture and water. First to the west, then heading north and finally continue south again through the eastern side. In the footsteps of the wildebeest We invite you to follow the footsteps of the wildebeests and zebras, and discover the pure beauty and drama of the herds along the way. A journey that is beset with danger due to hungry predators, steep river slopes and exhaustion. Only the strongest survive. When planning your trip to the most sensational shows on earth, you want to be sure of a front-row seat. Timing is crucial so your travel plans need to match the movement of the
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10 Things to do at Zanzibar

After the thrill and excitement of your safari, there is nothing more welcoming than a few days relaxing at the tropical paradise of Zanzibar. Sip a cocktail with your feet in the sand. Read a book in the shade of a palm tree. And close your eyes while listening to the only sound of the waves rolling in. But don’t close them for too long! Whilst the long sandy beaches are definitely Zanzibar’s main attraction, the “Spice Island” has so much more to offer. Here are our Top 10 Things To Do at Zanzibar! 1. Go back in history in Stone Town Stone Town is not only the capital of Zanzibar but also the heart and soul of the island. It is a colorful and bustling city, with old Arabic-style buildings, fascinating cathedrals and ancient churches. Wander through the winding alleys, find out what is behind the ornately carved doors and get lost in the town’s magic. There is so much to do and see in Stone Town that a short day trip visit from your beach resort might not be enough. Tip: Spend the fir
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5 Insider tips for a safari in Tanzania

After saving money for a long time and endlessly looking through hundreds of travel magazines, you have made your decision. The next trip is going to… Tanzania! Diverse, authentic and beautiful national parks home to wild animals. But what should you know to make your African holiday even more special and memorable? We will give you 5 insider tips to ensure you will have a safari of a lifetime! 1. Don’t rush The first trap is that you want to see and do as much as possible in the travel time you have. Which often means waking up early, spending a lot of time in the car and reaching your accommodation late. And at the end of the trip you can hardly remember what you did two days ago. Don’t try to see it all during your (first) trip to Tanzania. You will enjoy your safari much more by taking it easy, spending two or even three nights in the same lodge and even including a relaxing afternoon here and there, to enjoy the pool and soak in the panoramic views. Just do nothing. An
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golf wildlife tanzania private safari

Golf and safari in amazing Tanzania

Practice your favorite sport on one of the finest golf courses and one at a time on a private safari in the best safari country in Africa? It is possible, in Tanzania. Country with the most famous and impressive wildlife parks and a beautiful 18 hole golf course at the Kilimanjaro Golf and Wildlife Estate. Let us take you on a unique private safari through our impressive country. Together with you we will make your dream come true. The perfect combination of golf and safari. Review “We made a wonderful trip in Tanzania with Ajabu Adventures. Our wishes are turned into a dream; first an impressive safari in three parks, then a few days on the beautiful Kilimanjaro Golf and Wildlife Estate (stayed in a restored house on the golf course) and finally a few days Pangani at the Swahili coast, where we could enjoy the peace of this beautiful unspoiled coast at the Indian Ocean. From the moment of arrival at the airport until departure, everything was settled. In short, an unforgettable
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