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Spotting elephant from your private safari vehicle in Tarangire National Parkpark

A typical day on safari in Tanzania

In our itineraries we talk about game drives, sundowners and bush TV’s. But what do we actually mean with these safari terms? And what can you expect of a day on safari in Tanzania? Let’s start by saying that every safari is unique and no day is the same. The anticipation, not knowing which animals you may find today, is an essential part of the adventure. In general, however, this what a typical day on a Tanzania safari may look like.  Early start of your safari day Even if you are not a morning person, we can assure you: waking up early has never been so easy! You will rise with the sun around 6.00 am. Most lodges offer a wake-up service, sometimes with tea or coffee. We advise to have an early breakfast before setting off around 7.00 am for your first morning game drive. A game drive is a leisurely drive in the park to look for animals. This can take from an hour or two up till a full day in case you prefer to explore more of the area. Another option is to leave as soon as the first
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Sunset over the plains in Tanzania

Safari and Corona – book and travel with confidence

In these insecure times, it is more important than ever that you can enjoy a safe and carefree stay in Tanzania. Therefore it is our pleasure to keep you updated about the situation in Tanzania and which preventive measures apply. So you know exactly what you can expect before traveling to Tanzania, during your safari and when returning home. And of course you can take advantage of our extra flexible booking conditions. So together we can plan your private safari with confidence and peace of mind.   Current situation in Tanzania Despite all the developments regarding new variants, Tanzania has remained calm and stable. Life continues as usual and is taking place mostly outdoors thanks to the favorable climate. Preventive measures are taken throughout the country and at all public areas you will find hand washing stations. Apart from that, there is little to notice. Even though still little numbers of infections have been released lately, based on what we hear and see the situation
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Nyaruswiga Lodge from One Nature in Serengeti Tanzania

How much does a Tanzania safari cost?

To get straight to the point: a trip to Tanzania is not cheap. Something you most likely do not want to hear right now. And perhaps not even expected. To be honest with you, a private safari is one of the most extraordinary yet expensive experiences. So what makes a safari trip so costly? And what price can you expect for your own holiday? We will explain it to you and share some valuable tips to make your safari to Tanzania more budget-friendly! Tanzania safari prices explained Choosing Tanzania as your next holiday destination is saying yes to a once in a lifetime experience. But it also comes at a price. Because transparency is important to us, we want to create a better understanding of what makes a Tanzania safari so costly. 1. Maintenance of the safari vehicles The safari cars are an essential part of your trip, as you will spend a large part of your journey in them. They should not only take you safely from one park to another, but also be comfortable and allow you to enjoy the
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Book your private safari to Tanzania for 2021

Book now your private safari to Tanzania

Traveling is all about the unexpected. Exploring the unknown. But of course this should be carefree, without having to worry about your safety or health. Tanzania has opened its borders and we can’t wait to welcome you back again. However, the well-being of our guests and staff is our number one priority. And these days even more. While we are preparing to receive visitors again, detailed hygiene protocols have been introduced at the airport and in hotels and lodges, based on the WHO guidelines. Socially-distanced experiences Moreover, a private safari in this unparalleled wildlife destination is one of the safest ways of traveling in the current global situation. You will share your safari vehicle exclusively with your partner or family. Driven by our dedicated and skilled guide, who will accompany you during the entire journey. You will visit remote, beautiful landscapes, rolling hills and endless plains. You will stay in small, intimate lodges, carefully selected by us. And th
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Join a virtual safari in Tanzania with Ajabu Adventures

Join us on a virtual safari in Tanzania

Are you also dreaming about new and exciting destinations to explore, once it is safe to travel again? Although the world of travel has been suspended and may still be insecure for a while, there is no reason to stop fueling our inspiration and travel dreams. Therefore we invite you to embark on a virtual safari through the wonders of Tanzania. From the endless plains of the Serengeti and the snow-capped Kilimanjaro to the most pristine beaches and the unexplored south. Sign up for our 4-days virtual safari to four different parts of the country, full of travel tips, interesting facts and inspiring photos. Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?    
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5 reasons why you should not cancel your safari

5x Why you should not cancel your safari but postpone

With the outbreak of corona, the world has come to a standstill. What used to seem so obvious and natural before, is now uncertain and ominous. And although traveling is currently not possible, it is imperative that you do not cancel your holiday but reschedule. We will give you five reasons why this is so important! 1. Keep on dreaming Have you been looking forward so long to the safari of a lifetime? We understand that it is a great disappointment not to be able to make that trip as planned. But having to cancel your holiday does not mean you have to cancel your dreams as well. We are not going anywhere, the Kilimanjaro is still there and the animals continue to roam the plains. Just hang in there and keep on dreaming a bit longer. Tanzania will be waiting for you!   2. Help the local communities Airlines don’t fly, hotels are closed and safari guides are sitting at home and wait. The Covid-19 is greatly affecting all jobs that are related to tourism. The staff in the lodg
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2020 guarantee: book now your private safari to Tanzaniafor 2021

Corona update – 2020 guarantee

For the latest news and an updated timeline about the corona virus in Tanzania please visit Wikipedia. Update 24th March 2020 At the moment 12 cases have been confirmed in Tanzania, with no deaths so far. Meanwhile, additional measures have been instituted to limit the spread of the virus. All travelers arriving in Tanzania must go into quarantine for 14 days and will be closely monitored before leaving the facility. The national labs and hospitals have increased their equipment and supplies, and are in upmost readiness. Also at Zanzibar, tourist flights have been banned and all hotels are closed. We are happy to confirm that our last guests were able to travel home safely, so we can now fully focus on the best possible solutions for the safaris ahead. Update 19th March 2020 Sadly, the number of corona has increased from one to three. In response to this, Tanzania has now also closed all schools in the country. Public places like supermarkets have set up places to wash hands before ent
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Join the Safari Photo Competition 2019 by Ajabu Adventures

Photo Safari Competition 2019

It’s that time of the year again. The curtains are almost closing in on 2019. A perfect moment to reflect the year together with your family and friends. Did you go on safari or make another incredible trip in Africa? Then we invite you to share your BEST SAFARI PHOTO with us! How does it work? Send your most amazing safari photo to This photo is not limited to Tanzania; it could have been taken anywhere! Indicate clearly your full names and contact details. Mention where and when the photo was taken. Tell us why this photo is so special to you (max. 50 words). After the deadline we will make a pre-selection of the most remarkable pictures. Our favorite ones will be shared on our Facebook page, where all our fans will be able to vote. The photo with the most votes wins. So do not forget to inform your family and friends! Prize The winner of the most stunning safari photo 2019 will receive his or her photo printed on canvas. So you can give it a special
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Certificate of Excellence Ajabu Adventures 2019

TripAdvisor 2019 Certificate of Excellence

Ajabu Adventures is proud to announce that we have been awarded again with the 2019 Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor! TripAdvisor is one of the most trusted travel websites in the world. The Certificate of Excellence is given out to organizations and establishments that consistently exceed the customers expectations. Thanks to your valued support and encouragement, Ajabu Adventures is now one of highest ranking tour companies in Arusha. We would like to thank all our guests who traveled with us in the past and took time to reward us with a review from their safari. Sharing your experiences is the greatest compliment that we can receive. Also a special thanks to our guides too, who are always on the road and put in every effort to make your trip exceptional and memorable. We could not have done it without you all! Some of the reviews “Spectacular safari experience!” “Thank you for the great advice, the excellent organization and the personal meeting.” 
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New sustainable water bottle by Ajabu Adventures

Ajabu Adventures bans out plastic bottles

From 1 June 2019, plastic bags will be banned from Tanzanian soil. A great initiative considering the increasing plastic pollution that is affecting our world today. You may have seen plastic filling the beaches and oceans. Especially now in rainy season, after a heavy rainfall, it is painfully clear how much plastic is lingering in nature. Within reach of wild animals, who eat it or get entangled in it. Facts about plastic Out of the 300 million tons of plastic that is being produced every year, over 50% is for single-use purpose. And of this plastic waste only 9% is being recycled. Especially in Tanzania, recycling options are limited and often very expensive. More facts: 90% of the world’s seabirds have plastic pieces in their stomach. More than 1 million plastic bags are used every minute around the globe. One plastic water bottle will stay for 450 years before it breaks down completely 80% of the plastic found in the ocean originates from land. It is said that by 2050 there could
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