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5x Why you should not cancel your safari but postpone

With the outbreak of corona, the world has come to a standstill. What used to seem so obvious and natural before, is now uncertain and ominous. And although traveling is currently not possible, it is imperative that you do not cancel your holiday but reschedule. We will give you five reasons why this is so important!

Keep dreaming of your safari in Tanzania

1. Keep on dreaming

Have you been looking forward so long to the safari of a lifetime? We understand that it is a great disappointment not to be able to make that trip as planned. But having to cancel your holiday does not mean you have to cancel your dreams as well. We are not going anywhere, the Kilimanjaro is still there and the animals continue to roam the plains. Just hang in there and keep on dreaming a bit longer. Tanzania will be waiting for you!


Help the local communities with your safari in Tanzania

2. Help the local communities

Airlines don’t fly, hotels are closed and safari guides are sitting at home and wait. The Covid-19 is greatly affecting all jobs that are related to tourism. The staff in the lodges. Farmers that provide fresh vegetables and fruits. Maasai communities that warmly welcome guests. Porters that help climbers to reach the top. Rangers guiding clients on a nature walk. And women groups that sell beautiful handmade jewelry and baskets. So many people are involved to make your safari an unforgettable experience. They too will be waiting for you!


3. Great advantages

With no other choice than waiting until it is safe to travel again, take advantage of the extra flexibility and frozen rates. With our travel vouchers you can postpone your safari to two years from now, allowing you full flexibility to find the best suitable travel period. Our partners have amended their terms & conditions and most of them have frozen the 2020 prices for next year.

Moreover, by rescheduling your safari to next year you may suddenly find availability in your number one lodge, which was already fully booked at the time that you made your original booking. Popular places that tend to fill up quickly are now within reach again!


Family elephants in Tanzania support conservation with your safari

4. Support conservation of wildlife and nature

The Covid-19 is threatening Africa’s wildlife and protected areas. Without any tourism, many people will loose their job and crucial funding of wildlife projects will stop. This may lead to an increase in organised poaching. Or hunting simply to put food on the table. National parks and wildlife reserves depend heavily on tourism revenues. And with the collapse of the tourism industry in the entire continent, wild animals are left on their own again, facing greater threats from poachers.

By rescheduling your safari you will continue to contribute to the conservation of endangered wildlife such as lions, elephants and rhinos. Moreover, Ajabu Adventures has teamed up with KopeLion and Carbon Tanzania to increase the awareness and protect the ecosystem.


Coffee at sunrise at Nomad Serengeti Camp

5. Travel consciously

When this is all over, you will enjoy your planned safari even more. Looking forward to a life changing holiday may help you to get through the tough times of these days. But your priorities also might change. We should no longer take our freedom to travel for granted. Instead when you travel, travel consciously.

Do not rush from one place to another, just to tick off the Big 5 or the main highlights. (Re-)book your holiday and take time to truly enjoy being at one of the most magical places on earth! Allow yourself to take that second look and to treasure the little moments. Awake your senses, take in the sounds, sights and smells of Africa. Go off the beaten track and discover new places that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Are you ready to start planning for the future again? Contact us to reschedule your safari or to book a complete new safari adventure for 2021. 

Dream now. Plan now. And travel soon!



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