Terms and Conditions

Booking confirmation
Once you have sent us your approval on our quotation through our online booking system or through email we will send you our booking form. This form should be completed by you and returned to us by email. Note (valid) travel insurance is mandatory at booking.

After receiving your completed booking form we will proceed to book accommodation, excursions and domestic flights. When Ajabu Adventures has received all confirmations of these bookings we will send you the invoice. This invoice is also your booking confirmation.

Terms of payment
Within 14 days after the invoice date a deposit of 30% of the total invoice amount has to be paid on one of our accounts. The remaining amount has to be paid eight weeks (56 days) before arrival. Once we have received the amount on our bank account we will send you a confirmation. Please note that bank transfer costs will have to be paid by you.

It is possible to pay the invoice in Euro’s (€). Final settlement – if there is a difference of 0.05 (higher or lower) in the dollar compared to the rate used in the offer, this will be deducted from the final settlement.

For bookings within 8 weeks (56 days) prior to departure the full amount of the invoice has to be paid instantly.

We have the right to increase the deposit rate in case the total amount exceeds $ 25,000–.

In case the date of payment is exceeded, we will send you a reminder. If we still do not receive your payment subsequently, we may cancel your trip and we will charge you cancellation fees of 30% of the total amount.

Cancellation policy
You may cancel your trip in writing (by email) only. We will charge you cancellation fees as mentioned below.
1. Cancellation up to 56 days before the day of arrival, 30% of the total amount;
2. Cancellation from 56 days to 42 days before the day of arrival 75% of the total amount;
3. Cancellation from 42 days to the day of arrival 100% of the total amount.

Valid (travel) insurance is mandatory and we recommend you to insure for cancellation. If you do not have any travel insurance then you first need to take one before sending us the completed booking form. There are many possibilities to extend your insurance coverage. If you have comprehensive travel insurance we strongly advise you to check your coverage. Note you only book your trip in Tanzania with Ajabu Adventures and not your international flight. The most comprehensive insurances only cover a limited amount.

Loss, damage, theft, personal injury
Ajabu Adventures Ltd will exercise utmost care in dealing with its guests and their belongings, but will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal belongings, personal injury or death. We cannot be held responsible for any of such events. It is mandatory to have a good travel insurance before final booking.

Ajabu Adventures reserves the right to make changes in the accommodations as offered. In case accommodation is fully booked we will of course offer you a fitting alternative. In case alternatives in same price range are no longer available we will suggest you more expensive accommodations and will charge you the difference. Especially in peak season (July-August-December) we suggest you to book far in advance in order to be able to book you the accommodation you wish for.

It is the clients own responsibility to obtain their visa for Tanzania. You can either arrange it through (if available) through the Embassy of Tanzania in your country or upon arrival in Tanzania.

After booking you automatically agree with our terms and conditions.